Internet Society (ISOC) Pakistan Islamabad (PK IBD) Chapter brings together members of the community at large to advance and promote the vision and guiding principles of ISOC through local presence. We spearhead the community development and capacity building initiatives through education, projects, awareness sessions and stakeholder engagement. The Bylaws of ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter are available.

The Chapter of the Internet Society serves the Internet Society’s purposes by serving the interests of a segment of the global Internet community through a local presence, focusing on local issues and developments. Specifically, ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter undertakes.

We, at ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter, undertake a variety of programmes and activities such as:

Educational Events

We have Educational events to inform members or the general public about both non-technical and technical Internet related-issues such as security (identity and transactional), broadband access, IPV6, Internet safety, network neutrality, or many others.

Community Programmes

More than 60% of population of Pakistan lives in rural areas and without internet. Community programmes are designed to ensure Internet access for economically disadvantaged individuals. We would be establish partnership with other existing actors working in these areas and might address hardware / software distribution and promotion of best practices.

Public Policy Programmes

Our Public policy programmes are developed to raise our voices and inform policy and decision makers about Internet issues such as net neutrality, copyright protection, censorship, or human rights.

Networking Events

Networking is very important factor in professional growth so Networking events which help members connect with those in their area who share their passion for the Internet Society’s mission to bring the benefits of the Internet to everyone.

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