ISOC pakistan chapter training-program-2020

ISOC pakistan chapter training-program-2020

This is a pilot program launched by Internet Society to develop community leaders that will be trained in their area of interest and expected to undertake initiatives for awareness on Internet challenges in their countries. 

The program is thus based on important topics of our 2020 Action Plan projects: •Shaping the Internet •Securing Global Routing (MANRS) •Building Community Networks •Open Standards Everywhere •Encryption

Open Standards Everywhere

Although no initiative was required, our students published a tutorial for public awareness. Also, Chapter website hosting organization has been reached by Hashim Nauman and Dr. Amir Qayyum to improve the security rating.

Building Community Networks

This initiative was taken by Mr. Tahir Qaseem and Abdulah Qamar for the course “Building Community Networks” under Chapter Training Program.

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Shaping the Internet

These two initiatives were taken by Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed and Mr. Muhammad Saleem Khan for the course ‘Shaping the Internet’ under Chapter Training Program 2020.


These two initiatives were taken by Ms. Bushra Kiani and Mr. Syed Umar Zia for the course ‘Encryption’ under Chapter Training Program 2020.

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